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Welcome to World Tankers (UK) Ltd.

World Tankers (UK) Ltd acts as Commercial Managers for a fleet of oil tankers under the technical management of World Tankers Management (Pte) Ltd, Singapore. The commercially managed fleet currently consists of 16 MR tankers with a total DWT of 753,893 MT. Further information on the fleet can be found in the ‘Vessels’ section of the website.


We undertake a wide range of chartering activities including spot charter and time charter negotiations as well as post fixture operations and administration. We also handle all the insurance matters such as P&I, H&M, War Risks, LOH etc of the entire fleet within the UK and international Insurance markets.


We are based in the City of London and maintain close links with all elements of the London shipping community, including shipbrokers, the insurance markets and industry-wide bodies. As an international company we also maintain strong links with brokers from all over the world and governmental oil and shipping bodies where our long association is particularly strong.